Making sure they are BMS certified

My brother in law started a new job recently.  He was anxious to move from the Southwest and come back home.  My sister couldn’t wait to move home, but she was worried because her husband was planning on continuing the same work he had been doing.  We didn’t live in an area where we were sure his services would be in demand. He owns a company that work with installing self monitoring security systems.  Self monitoring security systems are systems that are installed by a professional and the customer does their own monitoring. Since the customers is viewing the cameras on their own, there are no monitoring fees that must be paid to a company.  There are many benefits to self monitoring security systems, but there are also downfalls. You need to have your self monitoring security systems connected to your internet or wireless system all of the time. You also need to have a smartphone or a smart tablet so you can check the cameras.  Whenever you are out of range of your self monitoring security system, you have no way of monitoring the system and you can’t check the cameras. My brother-in-law sells the people the equipment. He sets up the equipment for his customer and he also trains them on how to use it. There is an option to have the security system monitored, but then there are fees for the monitoring and the maintenance, but then you don’t have to worry about being tied to the cameras.  My brother-in-law seems to be doing okay with his business but there are few people who want to be responsible for their own monitoring.

BAS system 

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