I could truly use a maid

Whenever you hear about a terrible storm that has devastated a community it can be difficult.  At times there is loss of life and his makes it even harder. They always show community members who have lost so much and they are simply trying to pick up whatever pieces of their lives they have and move on.  I feel fortunate that this type of thing doesn’t happen much in the area where I live. The thing I think about most is the fact that these people, especially after a flood, must go through and clean everything the water touched.  In some cases it means major construction, but in others, just a good cleaning. Many insurance companies work with commercial cleaners that go in a restore a home to what it was pre-flood. They bring in a crew that does everything from drying out curtains and furniture that can be saved to cleaning and disinfecting the carpets and floors.  In many cases your home can look like nothing ever happened when they are finished. The cost of this cleanup in covered by insurance in many cases and you are simply responsible for the deductible. I really feel bad for those hit by these type of events but I am happy that there are professional carpet and cleaning companies that can come in and help restore some normalcy to their lives afterward. The individuals that work for these companies must be very dedicated.  I am sure that they have seen things and cleaned things that most of us could not bear to witness. They are paid for their time but they must have great compassion for people too in order to do that job.

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