My home security is very important

My husband and I work in the building management industry.  We learned a long time ago that you need to be able to diversify and specialize at any point in the job.  The Building Automation and Building Management field is constantly changing. You don’t get a lot of warning on changes, so you need to constantly be learning if you want to make it.  My husband and I actually met when we were going to school. We were taking courses in Building Automation, including Direct Digital Controls and Variable Air Volumes Box Direct Digital Control Units.  Because of these classes, we not only met, but we became certified in Building Management Systems. Along with dating, we were also able to study for our certification tests togethers. We now work in the Building Management field, as a team, and we work really well together.  Whereas my husband is always looking at the big picture, I tend to look at the minute details of everything. We work to make sure we stay up to date on all of the training classes. I used to think that Building Automation could get to be a bit boring, but I really like the job and so does my husband.  We go to a lot of workshops and classes throughout the year. Without the training, we would not be able to maintain our Building Management Systems certification. Once you have learned everything, Building Management isn’t a difficult job, but it takes some time to stay up to date with all of the changes that are constantly being made.  

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