The end of my work period

During our senior year, most people had to do some civic duties.  I was assigned to a big convent.  I was unsure as to what kind of job I would do at a big convent, but it didn’t take long to find out.  I was ushered into a large sitting area, where many stern looking nuns sat staring right at me.   There were certain rooms that were totally off limits & I was warned to never go in them.  I was amazed at how great the Heating, Ventilation & A/C was in the big building.  Some rooms looked like they had nothing but big marble structure & I thought the air should be overly cool.  You could recognize the cooling air coming from the air vents.  I was shown where the stern nuns did their prayers & in spite of the amount of lit candles, it was severely cool & not very inviting.  I was told that I would be cleaning out the rectory & the living room.   No matter where I went in the big convent, the temperature seemed to regularly be the same.  I couldn’t wait to tell my mom what a great Heating, Ventilation & A/C method they had, because she worked in a Heating, Ventilation & A/C business.   After six weeks, & nearing the end of our job period, a single one of the nuns invited myself and others into the chapel.  She told myself and others I had to wait a couple of minutes, until they finished their vespers.  When she finally ushered myself and others in, the air conditioning system was as perfect as the rest of the convent.  Every nun I had met, stood around a huge cake & kissed our cheeks as they handed myself and others bunches of roses & told myself and others they enjoyed our presence & we would be missed.

all climate air 

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