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There comes a time in every person’s life when they can admit that they’ve messed up; I would say there’s at least 1 moment in our lives, where everything changed – for better or for worse – because of what the people I was with and I did in that moment.

For me, that moment was when I decided to buy 1 of two possible homes for our family and I.

I decided to go with the option that had a lower mortgage, even though I failed to consider why it was lower in the first arena. See, the apartment with the higher payments had just recently been renovated, however there were new hardwood floors, the roof had been redone, and the heating and A/C plan was completely new! They also had much more futuristic heating and cooling systems installed. The heating plan relied on radiant radiant floors, which meant the ground was moderate in every room. That also mean that the entire apartment was kept much warmer at a gradual however consistent pace! The a/c plan was totally new, and controlled with zone-control thermostats throughout the house, and yes, all of those beautiful possibilities came as a package deal with the freshly renovated home, even though I foolishly decided to go with the cheaper house. The concerned thing is, I’m paying even more money now to get this arena in better condition, so I’m not saving any money compared to if I purchased the other house, however doesn’t that sting?


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