Nicest person ever

My neighbor is just attractive, I have to tell you! If she wasn’t married, I would really want to date her or marry her myself! She is regularly doing nice things for me when I don’t even ask for them; For instance, the other day, she came over just to provide me a whole pack of top of the line air filters for my central heating plus a/c.

I had mentioned to her that I did not have a lot of air filters left for my Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit, plus that they were the costly kind… This was all just in general convo. She mentioned that her plus her family have the same type heating plus a/c as mine, so she knew the air filters I was talking about. I did not expect her to provide me a whole pack of these extravagant filters for free! My neighbor mentioned that they had so numerous spare packs of these air filters, that she wouldn’t mind me having a pack since I was running out of them… With my neighbor giving me these air filters, she has saved me almost a single hundred dollars of having to buy some. I swear, some time I am going to surprise her plus her family plus just take them out to a easily extravagant dinner somewhere, and just to say thank you for all the attractive things she has done for me in the last year I have lived here! Or maybe, i’ll some time just offer to provide her central heating plus a/c a free tune up. I am an Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist after all!


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