There’s so much water in my house

My good friend Alan plus I are going on a three month long trip in Europe, and the two of us are planning on traveling all over plus seeing at least 8 different countries! Each week will be a new place that we can experience the culture! Leaving a home for so long is tough! Alan plus I are both trying to make sure the home will be alright when we leave. I have called our garbage service plus water delivery to cancel for that time. I also have our parents agreeing to check on the home once a week plus to grab our mail and newspaper. Alan right now is trying to figure out what to do with our plumbing. The two of us don’t know what we should do. Alan at first thought completely draining the water from the pipes was a good idea. The hot water tank would have no water, plus there would be no resting water in the pipes. This way it would make so when our temperatures drop below zero, no pipes would burst. Also, all the plumbing would not be working. Alan plus I won’t come home to a flooded home because of a broken water heater. However, Alan now thinks we will want to keep some water in the pipes. He thinks completely draining the water might be a mistake because our plumbing is super old, and we might be draining ourselves completely out of water. Then we will come home to nothing. He is thinking that once a week our parents could turn on faucets, flush toilets plus use the shower. That should be sufficient for our home.


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