taking advantage of the sale

Our local hardware store was having a mega sale on all items in the store.

This included some of the portable heating & cooling products they carried.

It was a special a single day Memorial Day sale! Because I had been wanting to option up a few portable heating & cooling products, I thought I would run over there with my debit card & actually take advantage of this sale! They were giving 40 percent off everything. The first thing I did was ran right to the section where they have the portable space heaters. I picked up numerous of those portable space heaters. The next thing I did was option up some air filters for my central heating & a/c. While I was there, I also remembered I wanted to buy some calking so I could do some minimal HVAC duct sealing… As you can tell, I actually took advantage of this mega sale! I almost felt guilty about it to be honest. But, my debit card is now ran up quite a bit. If I had purchased all these heating & cooling products at proper price, I would have spent possibly close to 8 or numerous hundred bucks. But all together, I spent under numerous hundred dollars! I am sure the hardware store was ecstatic with that kind of cash being dropped all at once. And I am ecstatic I took advantage of the attractive discount of the heating & cooling products! Especially the portable space heaters. Those are going to come in handy next Winter to help me save on my daily energy USge.


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