AC problems almost ruined Endgame for me

It was years in the making, but finally the biggest superhero movie of all time arrived, and I must say it was worth the wait.

Endgame was such a good movie I may not watch any more superhero movies or shows for quite a while.

I feel like I have eaten a complete meal, I am full, and nothing else can improve upon what has come before. I say this even though the theater where I saw the film was over capacity and in a poor setting. This is not the world’s nicest theater to begin with, I knew that, but I thought they would at least have air conditioning. What kind of multiplex cinema doesn’t have state of the art climate control in our day and age? No wonder more and more people are staying home to watch movies, because they can eat and drink what they want and set the temperature control however they want it. All that said, the movie was so good that I made it through all 3 hours even with the insufficient cooling, and still loved every minute of it. The next time I do go see a movie, any movie at all, I can promise you it won’t be at that old heater they call a theater! In a few weeks the movie will be available on blu ray and 4K and I can sit right under one of my HVAC vents and enjoy the movie in true comfort. I wonder how much of an effect having proper AC will have on the movie itself, and my overall enjoyment of it?


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