Think happy thoughts

Although I am not a devoutly religious person in any a single faith I do consider myself deeply spiritual.

The idea of mind of matter, & that a person’s spirit or soul can influence their physical form, is a genuinely captivating a single to me.

I have study books from more than 2 philosophies from all around the world, more than 2 of them coming at the same idea from strange perspectives, & I am as fascinated as ever, but over the years I have gotten to be superb friends with a guy named Carl, who shares my intellectual passions to some degree. The first time I went to Carl’s apartment I asked why the a/c was not on. It was a summer time night, well over 90 degrees even at this time of night, & although his apartment had a central Heating & A/C plan it was not on. When I went to look at the thermostat I saw there was a thin motion picture of dust on it, as if it had not been used in quite some time, and carl explained to me that he taught himself to not rely on a/c, & trained his body to not need it. Tploy to his word, there I am radiating heat prefer a gas furnace & there Carl is not even dripping with sweat a little bit! He seemed plenty cool to me, although he explained it took more than 2 weeks of learning to not need a/c to get to this point… Mind honestly trumps matter, because this guy had mastered the art of cooling himself down using only his cool thoughts.

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