Opening an eating establishment

Ever since I can remember I have loved to cook! I would kneel around the dining room plus watch our mom cook! She would teach me things that her mother taught her plus these are some of our favorite memories.

I loved to be in the dining room plus dreamed of 1 day owning our own eating establishment.

I didn’t even know it would actually happen, but it was a big dream of mine! However, 1 day I was met with a supplier opportunity that I could not turn down. I was gave to help open plus design a eating establishment with a close family friend, then the first thing I thought of when designing the eating establishment was the heating plus cooling system. I know that having a eating establishment at the right temperature is honestly important to the overall dining experience. If the heating plus cooling system is not set right then the whole eating establishment could close down… People don’t want to dine in a locale that doesn’t have a properly working heating plus cooling system. I wouldn’t want to eat at a locale that didn’t know HVAC was important, but walking into a eating establishment that is cold cold is something that I have typically hated, so I am making it a point to have the perfect HVAC system in this eating establishment. I want every person that comes in to recognize comfortable. It might cost us more money in the end, however I know it will be worth it.

a/c set up

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