House in need of updating was a challenge for our designers

A call came in last month from a client who seemed very distraught. They started out by telling us that they had inherited a home in our area and were flying in the following day to check it out. They had seen pictures of it but had never seen it in person. All we knew ahead of time was that it was an old Victorian Style home and that it had been vacant for nearly a year. We have done Victorians before and knew that it was a challenge. Often time we need to take into considerations the heavy woodwork, chopped up rooms, and ornate features that our clients don’t want removed from the house. This limits what we can do with a space and our, “vision”, doesn’t exactly match that of our clients. We met at the house and it was pretty much what we had expected. The client, however, was not. We thought that we would hear all about the preservation of the design and instead they wanted it completely revamped. They wanted an open concept, clean lines, and a neutral color pallet. We tried to explain things like cost, integrity of the structure, and overall feel of the home but they were not willing to listen to any of that. They are from a city up North and live in one of those loft apartments so they are used to modern decor. I have to admit I was a bit upset that they wanted to destroy this home. We made a few suggestions and in the end, we agreed that it was probably best to update the home as is and put it on the market rather than make the changes that they wanted.

Glamour in silverleaf

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