Building up my confidence

There are few things in the world as a sexy as confidence.

  • For example, you see a lot of guys on cable that aren’t super handsome, plus yet they are still genuinely beautiful.

Actors are superb at faking confidence, but carrying yourself with pride plus dignity can make a man seem a lot more beautiful. A few years ago I looked pretty much the same as I do now, even though I had a terrible attitude plus low self esteem. It’s funny how I get a lot more dates these nights then I did back then, plus I weight the same plus look pretty much the same. I started going to the gym about 2 years ago, plus that’s when the transformation started. It wasn’t a physical transformation, though, because I was never genuinely heavy, but the workouts plus exercise improved my self esteem to a large degree. It wasn’t the muscles I was cultivating, it was the sense of pride in myself I got from pushing myself, going farther, plus lifting more. Exercise is the truest path to self improvement, I guess that fully, plus aside from higher self esteem I also ooze confidence now. I recognize what I am capable of, plus can take that intensity plus strength of will out of the gym plus with me wherever I go. I firmly guess that the confidence I built in myself thanks to commitment to physical fitness has improved my life in every way. I don’t care what your body looks like, you owe it to yourself to exercise today!

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