Able to work out overtime

Whatever day of the month it happens to be, there are consistently a hundred great reasons to avoid doing exercise.

Most nights the excuse is tied into going to work, but even on the weekends there is just so much to get done, right? You have to go shopping, do the cleaning, the laundry, take care of the yard, spend time with your family, friends, or significant other.

That’s just to start with, usually I have a super long list of projects that I just don’t have time for. With all that in mind, who has time to go to the gym? Life is far too hectic to just take a full hour plus dedicate it to exercise… at least that is what I used to think. While I still don’t have time to visit a gym I have started making time for a little exercise every day. It might be a jog, some weight lifting, or even just some yoga stretches, even though I am conscious about exercising every single day. You might guess that a few short minutes of exercise isn’t going to change your life, plus you might be right but you might not be. Even if it’s 5 minutes worth of exercise, that is 5 minutes put to superb use instead of sitting on my butt. Those little bursts of exercising, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, adds up to a couple of hours every month. That puts me 2 hours closer to physical fitness than I would have been otherwise, plus every little bit can help out.

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