Injuries and training for them

For the first few months after the accident I was pretty much a mess.

My body was healing from various injuries plus several broken bones, so I was not only in intense pain but also laid up for a long period of time.

When I started to get a little better I found that my mind was still a mess, plus I was falling into darker plus darker moods over time. The accident had hurt my mind plus spirit as much as it had disfigured my body. My brother was the 1 who saw what was happening plus insisted I start seeing a personal trainer. At first I totally rejected this idea, not only because I didn’t want to go to gym, but also because I wanted to stay in my funk. Depression feeds on itself, my brother knew that, so he hired a personal trainer to come plus visit me at home 3 nights a week. At first I was being a jerk, but the personal trainer was genuinely patient plus lead me through some genuinely basic rehabilitation exercises. She was well versed with finally working with people rehabbing injuries, plus customized his exercise regimen to adapt to my certain needs. After a month, I was more energetic plus in better spirits, all thanks to the exercise I was getting. Working out plus physical fitness was the way I started purging the negativity from my life. At this point I guess I am ready to absolutely go out plus get a gym membership, even though I will miss my personal trainer.

Personal Physical Training

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