I am trying to fix the bathroom

When we renovated the master bathroom, my wife and I hired a general company to handle the task.  We should have hired a plumbing specialist.  We assumed a general company would have know-how of both the construction and plumbing requirements.  Instead, all of us ended up with a total mess and ended up hiring a licensed plumber to service our home.  The general company was not know-howable in the best quality shower head, faucet, toilet, tub surround and tiles for the walls and floors.  He was not very aware of how these products would hold up when continually exposed to water and usage.  The general company had no experience with designing the layout for water pipes and drainage, and he didn’t handle all of the repairs correctly.  When the master bathroom was first completed, it looked attractive and our hubby and I were thrilled.  After using the bathroom for a couple of weeks, all of us had a mess.  The toilet no longer flushed with any pressure, and the tub and sink were very slow to drain.  The faucet dripped and there was insufficient water pressure in the shower.  The worst problem was the leaks, because all of us ended up with water damage to the floor and also mold growth.  Instead of calling back the same general company, all of us hired an actual plumber to resolve the troubles.  Because of all of the repairs and updatement, the master bathroom cost us twice as much as it should have.  We are just cheerful to finally have a now working bathroom, which handles all of our repairs and looks nice.  From now on, all of us will consistently call a specialist for our plumbing needs and troubles.

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