Affording the house my dreams by working in the cleaning industry

I knew I would never be able to buy the house of my dreams, so I changed my requirements.

Instead of imagining that perfect house, I decided I could find a house I could make perfect.

There are a tons of minor details you can improve about a house, as long as the structure is secure & the layout is decent. At that point, I adjusted my search and located a fixer-upper with the potential to be my dream house. There was be a lot of renovation involved, a lot of floor repair requires, & tons of cleaning to be done. The floor repair was the most difficult issue for me, because a lot of the floorboards needed to be removed & replaced. I am not skilled in floor repair & didn’t want to cause damage to the rest of the floorboards. I called in an expert. There is a local company that offers floor cleaning, floor stripping & waxing, along with full repair or replacement of flooring. I was planning on completing all of the floor cleaning on my own, but I couldn’t start that task until the floors had been repaired. The guys who ran the floor cleaning company offered me a full inspection & a written estimate. The estimate included a full floor cleaning, with stripping & waxing. The price was surprisingly low! I decided it was worth a little more money to have them do the floor cleaning. Everything was completed quickly and properly.

tile floor cleaning service

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