Hiring a janitorial service and keeping track of costs

I am the manager for a large office building.

Sometimes, it feels like I am getting stretched in a hundred different directions.

There are fifteen different businesses in the building. They range from small to large. I is my job to maintain the facilities in good condition. Within the confines of individual suites & offices, each company has the responsibility for their own repair & cleaning. All of the shared areas fall under my jurisdiction. This includes the lobby, corridors, the stairwells & elevators, restrooms and cafeteria. I have the job of maintaining all of these spots 24/7. I have learned that hiring a professional janitorial repair is the best option. Just likes hardware stores, car dealerships, & any other type of business, janitorial companies have a wide range of services, prices and quality of those cleaning services. Not all janitors are going to deliver the same standards of job performance. I need to be smart & hire a company I can trust. I went online and looked at lot of customer reviews for the various janitorial companies. No matter how wonderful a cleaning service is, I have discovered that I need to switch up every other year or so. Over time, even if the janitorial company provides consistent service, the price will gradually increase. When it is time to renew for another year of cleaning services, the price is usually higher. I then start shopping around for a new commercial cleaning service. I negotiate for a lower price. I’m then all set for another year. For the most part, I’ve been quite satisfied with the cleaning service I’ve received.




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