How Cold Does it Get in the Northeast?

When I first relocated to the northeast, it was in the middle of the summer time season, however the weather was idyllic then! The air was warm, but not hot or humid similar to my former home down south. There was also this attractive constant breeze coming off of the coast, so even with the warmer temperatures, I still felt cool plus delightful, then i enjoyed being able to walk around neighborhood back then, wearing pants and sweaters that I normally would save for the Wintertide time! Best of all, I could totally leave our cooling system plan set to a neutral 71 degrees plus be totally comfy and happy. Things were wonderful then, but time pressed on – as did the weather, but before I even realized it, the cold weather began to roll in, plus I began to see a drastic change. It was a gigantic difference! That first winter, the weather brought what seemed to be a neverending snowstorm. The temperatures hovered in the single digits even during daylight hours, so I couldn’t leave our condo unless I had various layers on! Not to mention, the cash I saved on our energy bills over the summer time had quickly been used up on the costs of running our electric gas furnace for afternoons on end, only when our heating plan legitimately quit working, did I legitimately use our fireplace to supply some much needed heating for our place. I have to say, I really wish I did some investigative work on this region of the country before I moved, because the weather here is so darn cold – plus I can’t afford these energy bills much longer!


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