Relocating to the Northeast Is a Cold Shocker

When I first transferred with my job to the northeast, it was in the middle of May.

The weather was so incredibly beautiful then! The air was warm, however not tepid or humid as I was used to.

There was also this beautiful constant breeze from the ocean, so even with the higher thermostat readings, I still felt cool and comfortable, however i loved being able to waltz around town back then, wearing clothes that I normally would save for a southern fall! Best of all, I could genuinely leave my cooling system set to a neutral 70 degrees and it would hardly ever turn on. Things were superb then, however time continued on – as did the weather, then before I knew it, the frigid weather began to roll in, and I started to ascertain a drastic change. It was a major difference! That first November, the weather brought what seemed to be arctic air. The hot and cold temperatures remained in the single digits while I was in the day, so I couldn’t leave my cabin unless I was wearing tights and pants and two shirts and a coat! Not to mention, the currency I saved on my utility bills over the hot months had swiftly been spent on the costs of operating my electric gas furnace for day after day, but only when my gas furnace really broke down, did I attempt to use my fireplace to supply some much needed heating for my new life. I have to say, I really wish I did some investigative task on this area of the world before I agreed on the transfer, because the weather here is absurdly frigid – and the heater costs a fortune to run!

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