Summer in the Northeast is Beautiful But The Furnace in the Winter is a Killer

When I first moved to the northeast, I arrived in the middle of April, then the weather was like a dream! The air was warm to cool, but not sizzling or humid love it was down south.

I also enjoyed a beautiful constant breeze coming in from the Atlantic, so even with the warmer thermostat readings, I still felt cool plus comfortable… I loved being able to stroll around town back then, wearing stuff that I normally would save for the Winter time! Best of all, I could absolutely leave my a/c thermostat set to a neutral 75 degrees and not worry that it was running all day and night.

Things were good then, but time moved onward – as did the thermostat, before I knew it, the chilly weather began to barge in, plus I started to be aware of an extreme change. It was a major difference! That first winter, the weather brought what seemed to be an endless amount of cold. The uneven temperatures remained diligently in the single digits during the day, so I couldn’t even go out the door unless I had multiple layers on! Not to mention, the money I did not have to spend on my utilities over the summer time had quickly been spent on the costs of having to use an electric oil furnace for days without pause, and only when my heating plan absolutely breathed its last breath did I absolutely use my fireplace to give some much needed heating to my life. I have to say, I absolutely wish I did some investigative work on this site before I made the switch from southeast to northeast living, because the weather here is absurdly chilly – plus using heaters means high utility bills!

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