A house without heating and air conditioning is just a storage facility – prove me wrong!

I got very lucky after college, as I was able to successfully land a job with this company I interned for during my last semester.

The company focused on software development, and worked with companies in all kinds of fields! They manufactured software systems for the military, commercial businesses, and for appliances like heating and air conditioning systems.

In fact, mentioning that field brings up a somewhat painful memory. After about a year of working for this software company, I had enough money saved up to buy land and have a house built on it. I was so excited to get this place built, but there were plenty of hiccups I hadn’t considered. One of the biggest hiccups was the lack of heating or air conditioning in the house for almost four months! The house was fully constructed, and the ductwork was in place. However, the HVAC installation company I hired wasn’t able to install the units! It seemed they were out of stock from the manufacturer. I still really wanted to use the house, so I had most of my stuff brought over there from my apartment. I only kept a few basic essentials, as I thought it was only going to take a week for them to bring in the heating and air conditioning units I ordered. Imagine my surprise when it took a third of a year to bring them in! It was such a breath of fresh air – literally – when the HVAC service company finally installed the new units. My house immediately had much better air quality, and I could actually sleep in my new home.

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