Blessings Are Often Tempered With Problems to Resolve

I cannot deny I am lucky after college, as I was able to successfully land a job with this corporation I wanted to work for.

The corporation’s main focus is on software development, & as such, I was able to work with companies in all kinds of fields! We manufactured software systems for the army, commercial businesses, & for appliances prefer heating & A/Cs, in fact, simply saying that word “heater” brings up a somewhat painful memory, and after about a year of now working for in my position with the software company, I had enough money saved up to buy land & construct my very own house on it. I was so gleeful to get this stadium built, but there was no shortage of hiccups I hadn’t considered, and one of the biggest hiccups was being unable to install heating or air conditioning in the house for what seemed like forever! The house was fully constructed, & the HVAC ductwork was there all lonely and waiting to meet its best A/C friend. Unfortunately, the Heating & Air Conditioning replacement corporation I hired wasn’t able to get me my units! It seemed they were out of stock from the factory and manufacturing company. I still really wanted to get out of my rented apartment, so I had most of my stuff brought over to my new place, even without heater and a/c in place. I only kept a few basic essentials, as I thought it was only going to take a really short time for them to bring in the heating & A/C units I was awaiting. Imagine my surprise when it took a seventh of a year to get them and then get them in place! It was such a breath of fresh air – literally – when the Heating & Air Conditioning service corporation hooked up my HVAC systems and I was able to live with top notch heating and cooling once again.



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