I a Free Spirit and Avoided My HVAC Problems

I’m the definition of a free spirit, but it drives my partner crazy.

I’m constantly reminding them that they knew what they were getting into before they married me.

I try my hardest to think things through before I act, although I tend to be quite brash in most instances. My partner is more of an introvert, so they keep me calm and rationally thinking. I also tend to overlook big problems, thinking that they’ll get better on their own time, even though it never happens. I try overlooking these problems that occur with our furnace, which have been happening. However I don’t think that I’ll be able to overlook the symptoms much longer. Our furnace is completely turned off most days, and it’s really inconvenient. It was off for almost the whole day, plus our partner plus I came back home to a thirty-three degree house. Of course, this was the very first time that my partner heard that our furnace was having troubles, since I was ignoring all the signs. My partner asked myself and others if that was the first time our furnace had problems, so I said no. The furnace was switching off on its own on other occasions, even though I was home during those times, so I just switched it back on. My partner was a little aggravated of course, because I did not tell him that our furnace had turned off a couple of times before. However, they took a look at the furnace plus saw that it was going to need an upgrade soon. I legitimately need to stop ignoring problems plus just repair them right away.

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