Our Furnace Keeps Cutting Off and Needs Replaced

My wife was less than pleased that I didn’t communicate this with her

I define myself as a free spirit. My wife cannot stand this about me, even though she knew this about me before she married me. I try my best to be responsible about things before I do them, but I always tend to be quick and irrational! My wife is truly more responsible than me, and she helps to calm me and think logically rather than emotionally. I also have a bad tendency to overlook common problems, thinking they’ll simply go away on their own, even though it never happens. For example, I tried overlooking the problems our furnace was experiencing, however I don’t think I can overlook the issues too much longer. The furnace completely switched off a couple of days ago, and our home felt terrible. It was turned off for almost an entire day, and my wife and I returned home to a forty degree house. Of course, this was the first time that she’d heard that our furnace wasn’t working properly, because I was ignoring and covering up the signs. My wife asked me how long our furnace had been acting up, so I told her it was going on for about a month. The furnace was switching off frequently, however I was home all those times, so I just switched it back on. My wife was less than pleased that I didn’t communicate this with her. She examined the furnace and found out that it is going to need a replacement soon. I absolutely need to stop avoiding problems and just repair them instantly.



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