My Husband Ignored the Failing Signs of Our Furnace

My husband is the definition of a free spirit and it drives me bonkers.

However, I have to remind myself that I knew how he was before marrying him.

He tries his best to be rational in most circumstances, but he does tend to be quite brash! On the other hand, I’m the opposite. I keep him balanced and help him think calm and rationally rather than emotionally. He also tends to overlook problems because he thinks they’ll get better on their own. Unfortunately, this never happens. Apparently, he tried overlooking the problems that our furnace was experiencing, but he couldn’t avoid it much longer. He said the furnace was turning off randomly throughout the day, and it was messing with the temperature of our home. It had turned off for almost an entire day while I was at work, and my husband said the temperature dropped into the low forties! Of course, this was the first time that I’d even heard that the furnace wasn’t working properly, because he was ignoring the signs. I asked my husband if this was the first time our furnace had done something like this, and he told me that it wasn’t. Our furnace had turned off a couple of other times too, but he was home so he just reset it. I was a little anxious that he never told me that the furnace had stopped working properly for several months now! I went and took a look at the furnace plus discovered it will need to be replaced quickly. I really wish he’d stop ignoring problems and just repair them instantly.

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