The AC Wasn’t Working in Our Hotel Room

My wife plus I just celebrated our twentieth anniversary, and I’m in shock that it’s been that long since we’ve been married.

I adore her more today than I ever have, and I can’t wait to spend another twenty years together.

To celebrate, my wife plus I tried to go to the same resort that we went to on our honeymoon. Unfortunately, the hotel company tore the resort down shortly after our honeymoon, but they built a different hotel in place of it. We decided to book it for a week, since it would be similar to the one we stayed at all those years ago. When we arrived, the hotel was so charming and new. However, my wife and I had trouble with the air conditioning in our room. It was so difficult to figure out and neither of us knew how to work the air conditioner. We had to call the front desk plus ask them how to get the air conditioning on. As soon as we figure it out, we noticed that the air conditioner wasn’t blowing cool air like it was supposed to. Our hotel room was too warm and stuffy. I wasn’t cheerful with it, because my wife and I were paying a lot of money to be there. I asked a hotel manager if my wife and I could get another room with a working air conditioning system. They offered to fix the air conditioner in our room instead, and I accepted. It took them a couple hours, and they finally came to the conclusion that it needed to be replaced. We ended up switching rooms anyways. Once my wife and I moved, we didn’t have anymore problems with our air conditioning system.

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