The AC In My Parent’s Hotel Room Didn’t Work

My parents just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

I cannot begin to imagine spending that much time with someone, but they’re still happily married. My parents love each other more than ever these days, and I hope to spend my life loving someone like that. Back when they got married, they spent their honeymoon at a specific resort, and they wanted to return for their anniversary. Unfortunately, they saw that they tore the resort down a couple years ago, plus built a nice hotel instead. My parents decided to book a few afternoons in this other hotel since it would be similar to the original. They said the hotel was super attractive and new, but they had trouble with their AC system. It was so difficult for them to figure out how to work, so the two of them had to call the front desk plus ask someone how to operate the AC properly. However, once they figured it out, the two of them realized that the AC wasn’t blowing as cool and crisp as it was supposed to. Their hotel room was really moderate plus stuffy. They weren’t happy with it because the two of them were paying a lot of cash just to stay there, so they asked a supervisor if the two of them could get another room with working a/c. They asked to service their AC system first, so they accepted. It took the staff about 50 minutes, and they came to the final conclusion that it needed fixed. They’d have to move them to another room anyway. Once my parents moved rooms, they didn’t have anymore concerns with a/c after that.


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