The AC In Our Hotel Room Wasn’t Blowing Cool Air

My spouse and myself just celebrated our wedding anniversary this week.

I cannot believe we’ve been together for twenty years and we’re still together.

I love my spouse more than ever, so I hope to spend forever with them. My spouse and myself went to an incredible resort for our honeymoon years ago, and for our wedding anniversary both of us wanted to return to the same place that we stayed. Unfortunately, the resort was torn down and new one was built in its place. We decided to book a couple nights at this new hotel since it would be similar to the original that we’d spent our honeymoon in. The hotel was super pretty and new, however my spouse couldn’t figure out the air conditioning system. It was so tough to understand, and a lot of work to get on. They contacted the front desk plus asked them how to operate the air conditioner in our room. Once my spouse figure it out, we quickly realized that the air conditioner wasn’t pumping out cool air like it was supposed to. Our hotel room was too warm plus stuffy. Neither of us were happy with it, since we were paying a lot of money just to stay here. I went down and asked a supervisor if we could move to another room with a different air conditioning system. They offered to repair the air conditioner in our room instead, and we accepted. It took them over an hour, and they ended up saying we needed to move to a different room anyway. My spouse and I moved rooms, and we didn’t experience anymore problems with our air conditioning system after that.



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