Little school system training

I am the superintendent for a little school system in the northeastern area of the nation! For the majority of the Springtime semester, the weather is frigid, rainy, snowy & downright brutal.

There is no choice but to spend the majority of time inside the building.

The kids become far more sedentary. They tend to stand in front of the TV & laptop screens, however despite attending gym class, our students were not getting enough fitness in their lives. We’ve taken measures to improve the nutritional value of the food every one of us offer & items available in the vending machines. A majority of kids bring their own food to school though! I frequently spot kids eating cookies, candy, cupcakes & donuts. They respectfully drink sugary soft drinks with their meals on top of that. The majority of our students are easily overweight & at risk of severe health complications. Entirely unwilling to stand back & do nothing, I attempted educating the parents. I decided to provide night classes centered around nutritional counselling. I brought in a certified fitness trainer to talk to them & share information. At one of these meetings, a parent asked about offering group fitness classes to the students as a main part of an after-school program. I wasn’t sure how great this free program would be taken in by the kids. I was astonished when every one of us had such a high enrollment in the fitness program that every one of us needed to divide the kids by age. The people I was with and I now have a personal trainer providing a fitness class after-school multiple days every single week. The kids show up in the gym & participate in a bunch of different exercises. I am hoping to continue this fitness program & maybe expand it.




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