When it’s good to have a window AC unit

If you live in a small apartment then you don’t need something that is giant and going to cause you to pay an incredibly high bill.

What you do need to do is try getting a small window AC unit.

With a window AC unit you don’t have to pay an HVAC technician to come to your house because they are pretty easy to set up on your own. The last apartment that I lived in I tried to go with just a portable AC unit, but it wasn’t strong enough. The summers get so hot where I live that not having at least a window AC unit was really brutal. After a few days of trying the portable AC unit I called my friend that worked at a local HVAC business just to see what he suggested. He told me that if I wanted to find a cheap window AC unit I could just check a local dump to see what was around. Apparently a lot of contractors get rid of perfectly good HVAC parts just because they have nothing to do with them. I thought it was crazy when he told me to go to the dump, but after a few minutes of looking around I found multiple window AC units that looked almost brand new! I have had a window AC unit for a few years now and I am really happy that I tried it out. The portable AC unit hasn’t come out of my closet since I discovered the window unit.


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