Surprise! I Need a New HVAC System

It’s been a frustrating as well as depressing afternoon.

My a/c has been acting sort of odd, so I called up a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning company to come over and examine it for me.

I was hoping he’d come to the door and tell me about a quick easy fix, however, that wasn’t the case at all. He took me outside to have a look at my HVAC unit. He showed me all the rust as well as the debris around it. The old A/C device was original equipment with the house, so I couldn’t begin to guess the exact age of it. But I could tell that it certainly wasn’t new. He also quizzed me if I’d noticed any increase in my energy bills each month. I couldn’t be 100% sure, so I went inside the house to look at the bills from the past few months. I was absolutely floored when I then noticed the slowly rising price. It was just small enough to go unnoticed, however steep enough to become a problem over time. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker told me this was a very common problem with old A/C units. Before he left, he stated it would be more expensive for me to keep repairing the old A/C device than to simply replace it. I was just devastated, because this was something I wasn’t at all expecting. I thought I might be able to transition my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system from Winter into Spring and then into summer time without any substantial problem. Clearly, I was mistaken. I asked him how much it might cost to replace it. He quoted me a number which was twice as much as I had been expecting! Looks like there won’t be any costly summer time getaways this year.


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