Servicing or replacing your office equipment is always a tough choice

Or company moved into our current building almost five years ago.

When we did that, management decided to invest in all new office equipment.

Of course, the computers receive constant upgrades but when it comes to things like fax machines, printers, and other independent units, they just get used day in and day out without much maintenance at all. They will replace the toner or paper but that is about it. Our printers, which everyone uses, are really starting to have a lot of issues. We are constantly printing multi-page proposals, customer account statements, and contracts. The printers take a lot of abuse. Now, after months of complaining, they are finally looking into servicing or replacing them. These machines are not cheap so I can’t imagine it would be cheaper to replace them but we will have to see what they come up with. They are also considering using and outside printing service for the larger jobs which would mean less wear and tear on our internal machines. As long as the print jobs don’t contain sensitive information there really is no reason not to have them completed by a third party company. We order brochures and flyers to be sent out to clients anyway so if we just add to those orders it may be more cost effective. We would not spend as much on toner and paper either. There are a few options for management to consider, but, either way, they will need to address the aging printers soon or we will not be able to complete our daily tasks for long.


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