Automated lighting is good deterrent for crime

My wife and I have lived in this neighborhood for the past 25 years. Things have changed a lot over the years. When we bought our house, the neighborhood was quiet. Only two people lived on our street, and they didn’t have any kids. After a few years, my wife and I saw the neighborhood triple in size. It was good for our children, because they had a lot of friends to play with. They constantly spent time with their friends outside, and they never sat in the house and played video games. Over the last couple of years, the crime rate has doubled. I don’t know if it’s our neighborhood or the adjoining neighborhoods, but three houses on our block have been burglarized in the past year. My wife and I have been worried, so we decided to install an alarm system. The alarm system company added motion detectors outside, and they also placed alarms on the doors and windows. We also decided to install an automated lighting program. The automated lighting program is a great deterrent for crime. My wife and I can program the automated lighting, so our lights automatically go on and off. When the automated lighting program is working perfectly, it’s hard to tell if someone is home or not. The automated lighting program controls our front porch light, back porch light, garage, and flood lights. In the event of an emergency, we can make the whole house look like a football field. Between the emergency alarm system and the automated lighting program, I’m not worried about someone breaking into our home.

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