Updating the commercial BMS

Every year, our commercial building management system needs to be updated with new software.

Since times are constantly changing, we need to keep up with the flow. Several years ago, we added a building management system to our commercial building. The building is more than 35,000 square feet, and we have several offices. We decided to add the building management system, when we realized how much money we were spending on heating and air conditioning. We spoke with the heating and air conditioning supplier, and they recommended that we add the building management system. The system controls our heat, air conditioning, door locks, and lighting. The commercial building is filled with tiny sensors, and these sensors relay information back and forth to the building management program. The building has thousands of these tiny sensors. Each one of these sensors is a small computer that relays information to and from the integrated automated system. The sensors can detect changes in temperature, lightning, or motion.The sensors determine whether or not the lights, heating, and air conditioning need to be adjusted. When the sensors pick up extra heat, they send a message to the air conditioner to come on. When the sensors pick up movement in a room, they send a message to the lights to come on. Over the past three years, we have saved a ton of money on our monthly electric bills. The building automation system will pay for itself in 10 years. As long as we continue to update the software each year, we shouldn’t have any problems moving forward.


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