What happened when I contacted an online SEO business

Lately I have been losing a lot of HVAC business to my competition which is a new HVAC company that just opened up.

I don’t know how this new HVAC company is doing so well, but after looking at their SEO, it was easy to see the difference.

The web design was so much better than what I have on my website. I could clearly see that they were running quite a few ads. At that point, I knew that it was time for me to change my strategy. It was time for me to get a digital SEO specialist. I searched all over the internet for digital SEO companies, hoping to find one that specialized in HVAC. I found so many of them, but it was when I spoke to a digital SEO specialist that I knew I had found the company I wanted to work with. He told me he was someone that I had never heard of before. He was an SEO specialist and he promised to get my website up in the ranks. He had my interest because my web design was really bad and my placement was on the seventh page, the last time I looked. I talked to the SEO specialist for several minutes, but I had already decided I would hire him and see if he could help. After just a few weeks of online SEO strategy, I began to see my sales beginning to climb. I knew the digital SEO was working for me when I saw a ton of ads running. I was getting so much business that I had to hire more HVAC technicians and buy a couple of new service vans.
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