I tried to improve my attitude

I heard our son complaining because he had to drive the vehicle without the a/c.  My vehicle a/c had broken in the middle of summertime, but I haven’t had it fixed yet.  It was an old vehicle that my wife and I used only if both of us needed a spare, and the a/c was simply not a priority.  Not too long ago, my wife went out for groceries.  She took the new car, and he left the old car home in case I needed to go anywhere.  I would have used the truck, since the new vehicle and the truck both have a/c.  My son wanted to go to his friends house so I gave him the keys to the car.  He started to whine because it didn’t have a/c.  He said he wanted the truck, even though I didn’t let anyone but my wife and myself drive that truck.  I told him if he wanted to go any place tonight, he had to use the car.  You would have thought he was a six year old fighting over a toy in the store.  He threw a complete temper tantrum.  He even said that I should have made his mom take the old car, and then he could have used the new 1.  When he got done acting adore a child, I asked for the keys back, and told him walking was free.  I knew he thought it was horrible not to have a/c, even though I absolutely didn’t care.  Did he truly think I would make my wife leave her vehicle back for him because it had a/c?  I couldn’t understand his attitude, so I told him to walk.  He started running down the driveway at that point. He was back a few minutes later.

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