I spend more on extensive air conditioner use than I do on entertainment or liquor

I made my first detailed financial budget last week, and I am full of shame realizing how sad and pathetic that is.

It’s not smart to go several decades of your life just spending money aimlessly and always hoping that everything adds up correctly at the end of every month.

But, I got sick of living paycheck to paycheck all the time, so I decided to take action in whatever way I could. So, to determine the holes in my finances, I knew making a detailed chart of my expenses was the first step towards creating a responsible budget plan. I half expected my food and entertainment expense to dominate the pack, but to my surprise it was my electricity bill each month that had eaten the biggest hole in my finances. It took me several hours of wandering my house before I realized the culprit of this massive energy drain, my central air conditioner. The weather has risen up to the high 90s outside and I have felt miserable no matter how often I run my air conditioner. I knew I had been using it a bit more than usual, but I had no idea that I had tripled the energy consumption compared to normal conditions when the weather is mild and in the low 70s. I don’t even spend money on things like expensive food or liquor, but yet here I am destroying my financial stability simply from running my air conditioner non stop every day through the summer. I’m going to get price quotes on new HVAC systems from suppliers in the area; I’m hoping and praying that a new air conditioner will consume less energy than the 10-year-old system I have installed currently.

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