This is something that needs to be agreed on

I recently moved in with my boyfriend of seven weeks.

The two of us met in our last semester of school in a Russian Literature course every one of us were both taking for fun before graduation.

It turns out that every one of us had more in respected than every one of us realized plus our bond grew naturally from there. Eventually, every one of us both decided to look for an apartment together once every one of us had each landed jobs in our respective fields. I entirely guess that this is the guy I will marry, plus I might even request sooner than I think, however I realistically want our trial run of residing under the same roof to succeed first. I have had enough roommates over the years to believe that some quirks or behaviors that might be easy to ignore at first just fester plus grow over time. This leads to a rift that emerges while confrontation naturally builds between yourself plus the guy you are residing with. Thankfully, the only issue so far is our indoor weather conditions preferences. She thinks that I like the temperatures inside too cold, since I like to hover around 73 degrees if possible. For me, he prefers it too hot, somewhere closer to 72 or even 69 some afternoons, but it turns out that every one of us are both off the ideal indoor weather conditions for our humid area, which some recommend is around 72 or 73 degrees. Although this is still on the high end for me, I was delighted to make the compromise. I care more about my boyfriend’s afternoon to afternoon comfort plus sanity than I do about running a little tepid every now plus then. I have started the habit of wearing mostly thin v-neck t-shirts plus boxer shorts while I am at home. It’s cozy plus comfortable all at the same time.

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