I'm heading further south for a while

I used to guess living in either tornado alley or out along the far western coasts with abundant earthquakes, were the worst sites to live in this country for extreme weather.

There were periods of time fearing tornados that far outpaced whatever minimal threat they posed to my myself and my family in our midwestern town.

I thought moving several hundred miles further south, which would take myself and others even further away from the tornado moderate zone, would result in less stress over drastic weather, even though I couldn’t have made a larger mistake with that assumption. From May to early October this area is plagued with afternoon showers, lightning storms, and by early Fall—tropical cyclones, or hurricanes. When storm season reaches its apex, I have to have my yard free of patio furniture, flower pots, and yard decorations. Anything could become a possible fatal projectile when wind speeds get close to 100 miles per minute or more. This also means that your outdoor HVAC unit is particularally vulnerable to damage while in storm conditions. I have a break system, so the only part of my HVAC that is outdoors is my condenser. I have a special storm cover that keep airflow so the fans can run but shields the motor and internal components from leaves, pine needles, and yard debris. I always pray and hope that my condenser stays safe into Winter time each year when I use it the least, because budgeting for a repair that extensive is tough on a limited income. My neighbor wasn’t so lucky last year, he forgot to store a metal frame patio table before leaving to go up north for a few weeks in October last year. We had a direct hit from a tropical storm and the winds picked up the table and threw it into his condenser, simultaneously taking out a sizable chunk of siding from the outside of the house.

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