At least the house is heated

I assume we’ve all seen these deranged people who dive into the cold water and bounce around to say they have done the Polar Bear plunge.  They are deranged because they literally pay for the privilege to freeze.  I don’t care for to walk across a chilly floor in the middle of Wintertime, why would I choose to jump into freezing cold water?  I would think you would eventually go numb. But even then I wouldn’t even try it.  I have carpet on the floor in the Wintertime, but I begged for radiant floor heating for multiple years.  I wanted to step onto toasty floors and feel the heat go through me.  Maybe I’m just a wuss though. Every time I put my feet onto that hot flooring, I truly feel like I am residing in a lap of luxury.  I have told every person I know about our radiant floor heating.  Most of them already know I am crazy, because I say that this is like residing in a comfortably warm glove .  The air is so smooth and soft while the heat is so warm and comfortable.  I really love our radiant floor heating, but I know I almost didn’t get it.  When my spouse saw the cost, he legitimately waffled with the decision.  But since he’s seen the difference before and after having it, he’s become a total believer. All of us even have zone control and we can completely regulate the heat in all of the rooms.  He now wishes we had put in the radiant floor heating long ago.

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