I made a fortune in energy savings

I have a entirely large, entirely old house that is strenuous to heat, however the heat tends to rise straight up to the ceiling, if I climb up on a ladder, the temperature is nice plus warm.

Down near the floor, the room feels freezing.

Turning up the control device puts more wear plus tear on the furnace plus costs myself and others a fortune in weekly bills. It doesn’t make much improvement in comfort. There’s definitely insufficient insulation in the walls, because I believe drafts of outdoor air coming in. I’m suspicious that all of the windows in the apartment should be replaced. They are old, single-pane plus most likely leaking air. I’d adore to tear my apartment down to the bare studs plus start over. I’d make sure to install Energy Star rated windows, add lots of insulation plus get rid of the duct system. Those ancient ducts take up a ton of space, collect contaminants, degrade air quality plus are easily allowing my heated air to escape. I’d also throw out the forced air furnace. I’m weary of increasing filters, paying for maintenance plus dealing with temperature stratification, dust plus noisy operation. I would adore to install a boiler in the basement plus radiant heating throughout the whole house. The boiler would supply hot water, pumping it through a series of pipes hidden beneath the floor. These pipes would then spread heat evenly from wall to wall; Because of the heat originating at floor level, the highest temperature would be found within lower half of the room. I could lower the control device setting, save currency plus care about more even comfort… A hydronic heating plan requires entirely little upkeep, makes no noise plus doesn’t blow pollutants into the air, however unfortunately, I can’t afford to tear up the floors or replace a working furnace.

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