I am responsible for all of this

I resent spending a ton of money on energy bills every month.

Because of residing in an section with extreme weather, heating and cooling is just about a year round requirement.

I try to be conservative with control device settings and yet heating and cooling is responsible for about fifty percent of my utility expenses. To trim costs, I’ve taken a whole bunch of energy saving measures. I’ve replaced insulation levels, replaced windows, caulked and weatherproofed. I’ve eliminated leaks and tightened up the thermal envelope. I noticed a significant improvement in the operation of the oil furnace and , but abruptly had problems with air quality. The lake house started to guess musty and dry, and there was an increase in the level of dust and other allergens floating in the air. When I mentioned my problems to my regular HVAC company, he suggested the installation of a ventilation system; He said that I’d eliminated the necessary influx of fresh air. Because of this, the pollutants were trapped inside and getting circulated continuously by the heating and cooling system. The ventilator is a lot appreciate having an open window, but without the energy waste. It brings fresh air into the lake house to replace the stale air. It uses the outgoing, stale air to preheat the fresh air, which lessens demand on the oil furnace, but during the summer, the ventilator helps to get rid of excessive humidity and minimizes the workload of the Investing in the ventilation method has trimmed my utility costs far more than all of my energy saving attempts, but plus, the house stays cleaner, smells better and even feels more comfortable. The ventilation method runs 24/7, all year round, but requires genuinely little maintenance.

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