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In my local area, we get hit by high winds, flooding and frequent power outages. When there’s no electricity, we lost the functionality of the sump pump, refrigerator, overhead lights, water heater, oil furnace and It’s not only inconvenient, but there’s safety concerns and property disfigure. The power outages most often occur in the Spring, right when the snow starts to melt. Without the operation of the sump pump, my basement floods and I end up with a mess, mold growth and properly loss. I finally had enough and investmed a significant amount of money into a standby generator. I asked a local HVAC company to deliver the typical sizing and installation the the generator. The device is located outside, immediately senses an interruption in power and automatically starts up. It makes genuinely little noise and handles the demand of the entire house. Because it runs on natural gas, the generator never needs refueling and operates for as long as necessary. The two of us don’t need to be on the premises to start it up, however last winter, the generator came in especially handy. During a December blizzard, my local section lost power. The outside temperature was always below zero with the wind chill making it even colder. There was continual snowfall, white-outs and the roads were extremely dangerous. The two of us were without electricity for nearly a week! Many families were forced to leave their homes and pay for a stay at a hotel because of a lack of heat. My family was perfectly safe and comfortable. The generator kept the oil furnace running, and we still had access to all of our other household appliances. The two of us invited our nearby family and friends to come stay with us.

New HVAC technology

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