Carrying on the family legacy

For many decades, my entire family has owned plus operated a store that fixes ventilation equipment, heat pumps, plus AC machines.

The two of us have honestly thought for many years that we would carry the family business into the new century. My brother has been a full service technician for at least three years, plus the guy is Dependable plus honest. Between my dad + my brother, there isn’t much they can’t do to fix any heating, ventilation, plus AC problem. Since I am going to go to school, I’m going to be in charge of the bookkeeping side of things. I think it will be a good way for me to add something to the company, even though I’m not particularly interested in learning about Heating and ventilation repair. My brother does a good job of that, and he can be the one to repair everything in the future. Right now, the best thing for me is to continue on with college so that both of us can keep the Family Heating, ventilation, plus AC business going steadily. I am currently enrolled in a program that will teach me more about these types of problems, but I think I’ll just stick with the paperwork side of the deal. I think that my grandparents would certainly be proud of the way that we have turned this small business into a huge rewarding success. 50 years ago, there wasn’t much to do other than help folks with their coal furnace. The heating business has really come a long way.


Heating maintenance

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