Retirement is right around the corner

The two of us have been in the same industry for 23 years.

Actually, the two of us would suppose that the AC plus heating industry has been our life for half of the time.

During those 20 years, the two of us have listened to a myriad of folks who complain about the ancient broke down system. Many particular customers seem to think that the complications with a gas furnace or AC unit must be my fault. I can’t even imagine the amount of times that I’ve had someone yell at me, just because I can’t figure out a way to fix the furnace or the AC. It’s not as if everything is able to be repaired, though some customers don’t seem to believe that is the case. I usually bill for heating, AC, plus ventilation repairs in an hourly rate, but a few weeks ago, a customer actually asked if she could pay me and meatballs + spaghetti. I thought it was a funny request, Plus I even mentioned it to my boss. I knew there was no way that he would fix the heating, AC, plus ventilation system for meatballs, but I figured the two of us would certainly get a pretty good laugh. I honestly don’t think I could ever do anything else with my life, because any other section job would probably keep me bored to death. Whenever I retire from the heating a plus AC business, I’ll probably send the rest of my days sitting out by the lake trying to catch some catfish, bass, and carp.

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