Looking for the best way to save energy this summer

The two of us can spend the same amount of money on the heat pump, AC, ventilation control components like the two of us did last year.

To be honest, a lot of things were rough over the winter holidays and now it seems like the two of us are going to have to cut back on a lot of things.

One thing in particular is saving energy with our AC device. The two of us honestly spend a fortune on the AC device, especially with three small kids running in + out of the Loft all day long. The two of us absolutely put down our foot plus one the kids that the two of us will not tolerate them leaving everything open the rest of the summer. The two of us are going to save some energy by performing a thorough cleaning of the ductwork + ventilation components. The two of us don’t have any extra currency for a ventilation, heating, plus AC unit this summer, so we’re going to need to make do with the last of what we have. Some of the problems can help us save a few dollars, plus that Energy savings will add up over the multiple summer months. Next year, the two of us are planning on updating the entire Loft with a brand new climate control system, but we don’t want to tell the boys that just yet. We’d like for them to sweat a little while. They always complain if the indoor temperature is below seventy degrees, and I think they need to know what that costs.


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