Nobody cares about the AC in the gym

When I stepped on the scale and realized I was more than fifty pounds overweight, I knew that I had to do something.

When I was in high school, I was into weightlifting because I was one of the star football players for our school.

Ever since I got out of school, I had quit lifting weights and now I could barely bench press the weight bar. I knew that I had to do something and get back into shape. I wanted to look good for my wedding and to give my fiance a healthy husband. I started working out at home, but I found out that I wasn’t getting the results that I had expected. I decided to join a gym that was right within my price range. The only problem with the gym was that the air conditioning in the gym didn’t work very well. I soon realized that whenever I was in the gym, I was sweating like a pig. I didn’t like sweating, so I thought that maybe I could talk to the manager and get them to adjust the thermostat to the air conditioning, and make it a bit cooler for me. He just kind of laughed when I said something to him, and he told me that the air conditioner was set at this temperature and the thermostat was not going to get adjusted. I know that sweating just means I am working hard and I am getting good results, but that didn’t help with the air conditioning situation. I guess it could be worse and I would be in a gym that didn’t have any air conditioning.

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