Our gym’s furnace broke

I started out as a puny wimp when I first began working out.

  • I didn’t have any kind of muscle tone and I was not strong enough to kick the dust that I was getting my face smashed into.

After meeting my wife, I wanted to get into shape and give her someone to be proud of, so I joined a gym. I started working out with five pound weights, but I was soon doing more and then even more weight. I was working out with other guys who looked like something from a Shwarzenegger camp. I came in one afternoon and it was so cold in the gym that I was shivering. I asked my workout coach about the furnace and he said there was a HVAC technician on the way. I really wanted to know if we were going to hold up the workout session until the HVAC tech fixed the furnace and he just rolled his eyes at me. He told me that if I needed heat that badly, I had to make my own. He had me working so hard, that I was soon sweating and thinking more about air conditioning than the broken furnace. I was actually beating my own records for amount of lifts and the weight on the bars. When my workout coach asked me about needing the furnace, I told him that I already felt like there was a furnace burning right next to me. I realized that the lack of heating was just another excuse I was coming up with so I did not need to exercise that day.


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