High heat and humidity equals a sauna

There are some luxuries that my wife and would love to have, but we know we can’t afford them.

I try to find other ways to get the same results, but they don’t always work.

I wanted central air conditioning in my house, but I had to settle for window air conditioning. I also wanted to install a new furnace, but that was also out of my budget. Now I only have a couple of space heaters in the house. In lieu of an air purification system, I bought a portable air purifier. I did the same thing with humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Now, I am thinking about installing a sauna. No, I’m not going to hire someone to actually install a sauna, but I have a good idea on how to make one for myself. After all of the magazines I have read about the benefits of a sauna, I also read enough to know that a sauna is basically just a high heat and high humidity unit. I maxed out the thermostat on my heaters and put them in my bathroom, then closed the door. I had the shower on the highest temperature setting, and I put my humidifier in the bathroom. It took about half an hour to get the room up to a good temperature and to raise the humidity. I think I did a good job of creating a sauna in my own home. All I needed was a good space heater and a good humidifier, and plenty of steaming hot water. I felt better just knowing that the sauna was working.

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